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X-TUAS® – Tactical Unmanned Aerial System Trainer

CATI Training Systems′s Tactical Unmanned Aerial System Trainer, X–TUAS®, is the latest generation technology for training both payload and air vehicle operators. X–TUAS® is based on CATI’ proven X–IG® image generator software for real–time rendering of the UAS sensor view together with controls, displays, and a 2D tactical map for air vehicle operations. The X–TUAS® system accurately reproduces the GCS hardware within a small footprint.

X–TUAS® has been designed to support various training including initial, sustainment operations, and tactical explorations. Additionally X–TUAS® has been designed to operate in both virtual and constructive training environments.

Air Vehicle Operation Features Instructor Operating Station (IOS)
  • Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
  • Network control of multiple independent X–TUAS® stations
  • Flight symbology
  • Mission rehearsal
  • 2D tactical map display imported from up to 250 different file formats
  • Scenario and lesson plan selection
  • AMPS/PFPS interfacing
  • Atmospheric effects control
  • Route planning
  • Continuous time of day based on geographic location
  • AV checklist operations
  • two
  • Air space situational awareness
  • Activation/deactivation of emergency procedures either manually or through pre-selected criteria
  • High-fidelity air vehicle modeling
  • Automated monitoring and logging of trainee actions under emergency procedures
Payload Operation Features
  • Easy export of logged data into multiple formats
  • UAS vehicle specific HUD symbology
Standard Interfaces
  • EO - IR - EO sensor views - pan and zoom
  • After Action Review (AAR) record/replay capability
  • Sensor Fusion IR & TV – IR & EO
  • Gyro and Geo-stabilized point and target tracker
  • Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
  • Laser ranging and designation
  • Missile fire and detonation
  • High-Level Architecture (HLA)
  • Realistic weapon and target effects
  • Contrast based Image Auto-Tracker (IAT)
  • Multiple integrated SAF for realistic threat environment
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