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EME® – Environmental Modeling Editor

CATI Training Systems′s Environmental Modeling Editor® (EME) software is the perfect solution for the rapid enhancement of X–IG databases, allowing the end–user to simply select and place features within the training environment in minutes.

Increased Realism
In real–time, X–IG– and EME® will cut, stitch, and smooth the underlying terrain to allow the user to seamlessly and easily add custom or generic airfields to existing geo-specific databases.

EME® Stenciling
EME® provides the capability to achieve previously unmatched realism for navigation and orientation cues, final approaches, pattern references, and visual check points.

Real–Time Editing
EME® suite provides a user friendly, real–time integrated viewer and access to several feature libraries containing various cultural models and features. Data elements are added using a drag and drop interface and can subsequently be scaled, moved, rotated and then saved to small, easily distributed data files. The addition of new terminals, airfield features, and the populating of entire urban scenes has never been this easy.

Cost Savings
EME® lets you freely and continually provide updates to airfields and training areas–of–interest without incurring the high cost and lengthy delays associated with republishing training databases. EME® was designed to meet emerging FAA/JAA standards as simulator certification dictates.

The Environmental Modeling Editor (EME®) ease of use combined with CATI′ powerful image generator software provides a complete solution for enhancing your training environment.


• Rapid placement of 3D objects for population of airfields and urban areas
   (as many as 180 in 20 minutes)
• Structures easily scaled in height, width, and length
• Changes to database available for immediate use in the training environment
• Library of over 1000 structures, buildings, and vegetation

EME® Enhancement Process

EME Process

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