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X-GEN® – Generic Unmanned Aerial System Trainer

CATI Training Systems has designed a High Fidelity Virtual Training and Testing System focused on supporting the unique requirements of the commercial/civil community. X–Gen incorporates the latest technology for training payload and air vehicle operators from basic procedures through full operational, location specific training and rehearsal. X–Gen is based on CATI’ proven image generator software for real-time scene rendering of the sensor views together with an open architecture design providing a programmable 6 DOF aero-model to support any desired air vehicle, controls, menus, cued symbology, and 2D map display.

X–Gen can be scaled to run on a laptop, desktop or full GCS configuration. Users can design and train on custom scenarios and add future updates. X-Gen is adaptable to suit Universities, Municipalities, Law Enforcement or any commercial organizations’ particular needs; free from data rights restrictions. X-Gen supports multiple air vehicles payloads with tunable sensor characteristics simulating any Electro Optical, Low Light TV, Infrared sensor including sensor-fusion.

Air Vehicle Operation Features Instructor Operating Station (IOS)
  • Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
  • Network control of up to 16 independent X–Gen® stations
  • 2D map display
  • Scenario and lesson plan selection
  • Route planning
  • Complete Atmospheric effects control
  • Point and click Navigation
  • Multi-layer cloud, fog, and haze layer models
  • High Fidelity air vehicle modeling
  • Geographical based Continuous time of day
Payload Operation Features
  • Activation/deactivation of emergency procedures either manually or using pre-selected criteria
  • Selectable, vehicle specific symbology
  • Automated monitoring and logging of trainee action's
  • IR - TV - EO payload sensor views - pan and zoom
  • After Action Review (AAR) record/replay capability
  • High-fidelity air vehicle modeling
Generic Heads Up Displays (HUD)
  • Electronic/digital zoom and focus
  • Toolbar bezel around the perimeter of the monitor window for both Pilot and Sensor modes
  • EO - IR - EO sensor views - pan and zoom
  • Several action buttons to control the vehicle pilot functions Presents vehicle health monitoring information and variable, selectable HUD modes
  • Geo-stabilized point and entity tracker
  • Sensor fusion IR & TV - IR & EO
  • Several action buttons to control/select various Sensor functions (gain, level, sensor type, focus, zoom, auto-track etc.)
  • Contrast based Image Auto-Tracker (IAT)
  • Laser Operations
Generic UAV/RPA Parameters
  • Multiple air vehicles; fully tunable in size, endurance, weight or payload
  • Turbo-prop engine with full instrumentation
  • Common User Interface (GUI & all-COTS Hardware)
  • Pilot or Sensor modes selectable on a single workstation
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