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X–IG® – Visual Image Generator

CATI Training Systems′s image generator systems are the ideal choice for the visualization of simulation training systems. For over twelve years, CATI Training Systems has been providing unparalleled rendering performance through advanced software algorithms and optimizations.

CATI Training Systems′s X–IG® image generator is a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) product for PC–based visual simulations. X–IG® is specifically designed around industry standard OpenGL®, a high performance graphics Application Programming Interface (API), and OpenFlight, the 3D standard format for the visual simulation industry.

X–IG® is designed to render real–time Out–the–Window (OTW) and sensor scenes for training and simulation, creating real–world high resolution photorealistic visual and sensor scenes. X–IG® includes complete physics–based modeling for atmospheric, NVG, DTV, and IR simulations. X–IG® additionally includes special effects which complement the image generator enhancing scenes.

Real–Time Rendering Engine Sensor Modeling
  • Renderings of 200,000 fully–textured, shaded and anti–aliased polygons per channel, peak performance of over 1,000,000 polygons at 60 Hz
  • Realistic sensor simulation based on LOW–TRAN thermal environment model
  • Renderings of 50,000 light points in day/night/dusk at 60 Hz
  • IR – TV – EO Payload views
  • Synchronized multi–channel capability using hardware Genlock solutions
  • Sensor Fusion IR & TV – IR & EO
  • Auto–alignment and channel edge blending for continuous multi–window applications without performance penalty
  • Electronic/Digital zoom and focus
  • Database paging and texture compression for uninterrupted training through high resolution geo–specific databases
  • ROC–V modeling with controllable IR hotspots
  • Full scene anti–aliasing for superior artifact control
  • Tunable device specific IR effects: noise, brightness, gain, AC coupling, polarity, auto/ manual gain, and level focus
  • Anistropic texture filtering increasing texture resolution
  • NVG simulation night imagery viewable with the unaided eye = Tunable NVG attributes
  • Shader–based light point simulation increasing realism and preventing overlapping lights from bunching
Atmospheric and Weather Effects
  • Multiple light sources (ambient light, spotlights, steerable search lights. landing lights, etc.)
  • Comprehensive weather and atmospheric effects
  • Dynamic scene management
  • Multiple lightning and thunderstorm models
  • FOV based dynamic LOD control
  • Directional and dynamic snow/rain models
  • Real–time texture animation
  • Multiple clouds, fog, and haze layer models
  • Unlimited levels of occulting
  • Continuous and static time of day
  • Integrated Boston Dynamics DI–Guy real–time human simulation
  • Ephemeris models
Special Effects Mission Functions
  • Thirty highly realistic tactical and cultural effects
  • Tactical terrain server processes up to 80,000 concurrent requests per second
  • Emissive and reflective surfaces
  • Surface material code feedback to host for ice, snow, rain, etc.
  • Multi–layer order independent transparency
  • 100,000 height of terrain calculations per second
  • Dynamic shadow rendering of scene entities
  • 11,000 collision detection calculations per second
  • Effect, color, and size characteristics are correlated to associated database material
  • 20,000 laser range calculations per second
  • GUI based special effects (XFX) composer
  • Contrast based Image Auto–Tracker (IAT)
SAF Application Programming Interface
  • Multiple SAF formats
  • API portable source available
  • Fully correlated SAF
  • After Action Review (AAR) record/replay capability
Standard Interfaces
  • 3D sound
  • Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
  • High–Level Architecture (HLA)
  • Extensive libraries of world–wide, geo–specific, high resolution databases
  • Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI)
  • Rapid placement of database features using the Environmental Modeling Editor (EME) for fast turnaround and reduced cost
  • Stenciling of airfields
  • Real–time tessellation

Currently in use with various military, civilian, and commercial customers, X–IG® provides high fidelity visualization for flight simulators and a variety of other training systems. Advanced data compression, optimization, and paging algorithms allow X–IG® to render high density, geo–specific databases of unlimited coverage.

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